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With these plans, you ramp up mileage and intensity systematically, pushing faster and farther gradually so achieving your goals feels easy and comfortable. You feel fit every step of the way because you’re training smart, getting faster, and building stamina, endurance, and mental grit — all while getting leaner and healthier as you torch fat and calories! Get started today with your exclusive hardcover edition that shows you how to:
Maximize performance with the .right plan & the right pace  Get faster and stronger!
Get faster and stronger! Power-smart drills activate fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers so you run like the wind, stay strong through fatigue, and sail from Point A to Point B on race day! Cross-training and strength-training workouts get a strong core cookin’ and a body steeled for stability, balance, and form.
Best day to strength train (there really is one!). Page 205
Run like the wind with less effort (so easy, you’ll feel like you’re cheating!). Page 49
No time to train? “Double no trouble” plan on page 68 gets you race ready!
Half- and full-marathon training plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners set you in motion for success. Get set to race again in 4, 6, or 8 weeks with exclusive recovery plans!
Stay on course: Prevent (& treat) injuries
Injuries can sideline you faster than a speeding bullet, with devastating emotional fallout. But with your ultimate training partner, you’ll prevent injuries and outsmart problems like shin splints, hip pain, and overpronation in a few simple moves.

“Sidestep” IT band issues once and for all! Page 186
Banish blisters simply by changing how you tie your shoes! Page 162
Can’t run at all? Stay superfit while you recover with the Back-Up Plan on page 192.
Run injury free — no tweaks, pulls, strains, or pains. Get expert advice from top sports trainers, nutritionists, sports medicine experts, sports physiologists, coaches, and top athletes around the world.
Fuel your mind and body for race day success
Fuel up right before, during, and after every run. Experts reveal the exact combo of carbs, protein, and fat that works to feed your muscles, torch calories, build strength and stamina, and help you avoid “the wall.”
Surprising time it’s okay to skip the bagel and run on empty. Page 104
Magic plate trick guarantees you get a 50-25-25 balance every time! Page 91
Discover the shocking truth about gels, sports drinks, and energy bars. Page 129
No more guessing and grabbing on the run. Learn what to eat and when during every stage of training.
Outsmart and outrun the obstacles What to do if you …
Can’t stomach eating before a run. Page 104
Crave candy and junk food like crazy during training. Page 132
Catch a cold or get sick just before race day. Page 219
Get a weird sensation in the top of your head
when running in the heat.
Page 154
Are huffing and puffing during your runs. Page 46
Look for hundreds more “what to do” answers.
Supercharge your running! Get race-day ready.
Complete your best race ever!
Try Bart Yasso’s secret for how to finish stronger and faster! Page 227
Build iron legs and powerful lungs for strength, speed, and endurance! Transform into a power runner with the 4 workouts on page 40!
Turn up your speed dial! “Bust out and go” drills on page 52 crank you up and make you faster!
7 items you should always carry on race day. Page 223
Energy and stamina lagging? “Snail” carbs will give you the perfect boost. Page 85
Trouble with an Achilles injury? A common prescription from your doctor could be putting you at risk! What you must know right now. Page 206
Fight dehydration fatigue during recovery — drink like a fish! STOP! Before you do, take the apple juice test on page 110.
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