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Giving your body the fuel it needs to prepare for — or recover from — a run is one of the most important steps a runner can take during marathon training. An important part of your nutrition plan, snacks help you sustain energy in between meals. Without those tasty treats, we get ravenous and next thing you know, bam! Intense cravings hit and we eat like crazy, reaching for high-calorie foods that pack on the pounds.

In Smart Snacks for Runners, top nutritionists show you how to snack smart and give your body the fuel it needs — before you run into trouble! You get the scoop on all the delicious pre-fuel and refuel foods a runner needs — from chewy and gooey to sweet and salty to crunchy, creamy, and dreamy treats (chocolate-covered pretzels anyone?). Get yummy recipes, too!
Ready to eat like a horse after an easy 3-miler?
It’s a surefire sign you’re low on this essential fuel. Try this yummy, high-fiber snack.
 Long runs leave you tired and hungry?
You need some carbs in a flash! Ramp up with this rocket fuel for runners within 30 minutes.
Fend off snack attacks!
Enjoy these crunchy, creamy foolproof foods that fill you up, not out!
Chocolate craving?
Give it the big kiss-off with 6 of these sweet treats guaranteed to calm a craving quickly.
 Calm a queasy stomach and speed recovery!
Not just for kids, a glass of silky-smooth chocolate milk works wonders for a tummy in distress after a run (and has the perfect balance of carbs and protein for recovery, too!).

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Order The Runner's World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training today!
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